Hangars / Personal Assets

Probably someone has mentioned or advice it but i am still not sure How i can see all of my ships across all stations ? I mean it will be great to have in search bar for assests an option where i can sort and to see :
Total number of personal ships , fitted /non-fitted and where in stations are they
Total number of sorted / raw minerals,components,materials etc. /
Total number of how many modules / been used , repacked-non fitted used etc.
Total number of how many assets been counted for valiue , and how many as isk in wallet

I wish to search for ship /size/fitted or not /damaged or not in all my stations ( NPC ,corp)
Not just the name … example :
search ship by size , by quanities , t1,t2,t3, repeired/damaged , faction/non-faction ,used/not used

I wish to know how many frigates,battleships,capitals etc. i have and where in given stations they are :slight_smile:

you can search your assets for ‘ship’ and it will return stations you have ships and each ship . r click on a ship ‘show info’ will show fitting . ‘show contents’ will show everything on or in that ship .

you may already know most of the functionality you asked for is not in game , so keep on wishing …

i still wish someone to answer or just sey something … it will be easy to have menu down to show me ,
items,ships, …how many are they ?
it will be easy to know how many ships player have , than just to remember how many isk he have !!!
some players fit their Own ships and just placing ''em just everywhere …to be rdy to get blaped …just like that …
i wanna search not just ship…i wanna know everytime how many they are mate !!! try search Cruiser …and see …

aye true i know most of it , but thats the reason that i asked …
and i keep on wishing…

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