Station ate my blueprints

Been researching, went to collect my latest batch and noticed the “Factory” was offline but still allowed me to choose “deliver”. Upon clicking, the bpo’s vanished. Items list as delivered but they are nowhere. not in any inventory/hangar… in a panic i rented a wicked overpriced slot for the corp hoping it was forcing me to deliver to a “corp” hangar… No Joy. BPOs are in heaven or in the station owners pocket i guess.

This just another way to troll and snag someone’s bpo’s? I’ve been back a little over a month, posted grievance a couple of times on the forums and i just keep getting rolled in game with features like this bpo eat machine factory. Not having any fun and i’m just waiting for my omega to run out while i re-evaulate my lack of desire to continue.

Suggestions? the only way i’m making isk is hi/low sec mining or station trading… lame grind… in fact losing money, rolled by a station’s research facility or gate whacked. Oddly no corp wants a 20+mil skill toon… solo is ■■■■… i’m both annoyed and bored.

Alt + T to open up your Assets window and do a search from there.

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yes, just checked… in corp assets they show up at the station… but they are not in any hangar. i’ve opened a support ticket. i’m guessing this is in-fact some sort of bug then? wonder if CCP can refund my station rental too?

Undock and redock and see if that refreshes it?

Most likely not since that isn’t a CCP / server issue.

nope, same thing. double checked all my corp hangars too. refreshing the asset search still shows the bpo’s should be here. i’m so bummed, prol just log off for the night. thanks for trying to help tho scoots. people are pretty chill in the noob forum channel. i’m a old vet, but still locked to just this help channel on the forum.

did you use the “deliver to” function in a citadel? and if yes, did you deliver it to yourself?
If yes it is in your “delivery hangar”, man.

Interestingly, I just “redeemed” my Youil skins and they aren’t anywhere in the station or anywhere else in my inventory now either…

I bet they are applied to character. Now 99% of redeemable skins aren’t items.

Yeah, the skins get applied directly to the character. File a support ticket for the BPO’s if you can’t find them though.