SOE Core Probe Launcher BPO

(Wolfe Loderun) #1

I checked the Sisters of EVE LP store and didn’t see a BPO for the core probe launcher. Does anyone know how to go about getting one, if at all possible?

(Myfluga) #2

Faction mods don’t get bpos…

(Wolfe Loderun) #3

Bummer - When you look at the launcher in-game it has an industry tab, so I was hoping. Thanks for the info

(Zhilia Mann) #4

Even if there are BPCs for faction mods there are no BPOs. Gotta control supply somehow.

Which also makes it even funnier that people are upset about the Pacifier and Enforcer prints. T2 faction BPOs indeed…

(Do Little) #5

For the SOE probe launchers, you can’t even get BPCs. The launchers themselves can be purchased from the SOE loyalty point store but players can’t build them.

(system) #6

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