Ship equipment blueprints unavailable to buy

Hi, I’ve looked around on the various Eve support websites for ‘unavailable blueprint’, but I can’t find one. For example you can’t get BPOs for all types of afterburner? Is this correct? If so, does anyone know why you can’t and if they can still be bought as copies? I could really do with knowing what I CAN’T manufacture before I make a plan of what to manufacture.



As far as i know, the only bpo’s you can buy are the ones for the tech 1 version of any given item. The other tech 1 variants of lets say afterburners ( enduring, compact, etc ) can only be looted from NPC ships in missions and asteroid belts.

Hope this helps

Thanks ChaosJJ, that helps alot!

Cheers :grin:

BPC’s for empire faction modules can be purchased at loyalty point stores.

CCP has been working on module tiercide for about 4 years ( so long I forget exactly when they started). This is where descriptors like “compact” “enduring”, etc… come from. When the tiercide project is complete these modules will be player made. The named components required to build them are already on the market (in small quantities for capital modules)

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