Creating BP for skiff/hulk ships

Have been looking to buy both these BP’s but despite travelling up to 30 jumps away from my home base in a sort of north, south, east, and west have found none available… So am looking into creating my own BP’s for both Skiff and Hulk ships… Anyone out in the community know how I should proceed to achieve this ?

From my limited knowledge I need to acquire tech 1 of the likes of a procurer type ship and then research that BP to acquire the variants which are considered tech 2, need to learn this process too, and info on this is extremely sketchy at best… Or am I looking at the wrong source of such information…

Any advice welcomed…

Go to Jita 4-4

Been to Jita already none there either …

Bunch of them in jita and other stations

then you didn’t look very closely at the available contracts in Jita did you? Several are listed at prices from about ISK10m.

BPCs cannot be sold on the market, only via contracts. You will not find a Blueprint Original of a T2 ship that you can afford (very, VERY few T2 BPOs exist and they sell for hundreds of billions of ISK on the rare occasions they hit the market, or most likely the hypernet relay raffles).

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Blueprints (BP) come in two flavors. Blue print originals (BPO) and blue print copies (BPC).

BPO for T2 ships, including skiffs and hulks, do not exist. You cannot buy them.

You can buy BPC for T2 ships, but not on the market. You will have to look on contracts.

If you buy BPO for the T1 equivalent ie covetor and procurer, then you can invent your own BPC - a limited number at a time.

Hopefully that is clearer than the answers you have had so far.


Roughly you have the process right.
Get a T1 Blueprint Copy, Invent the T2 BPC from it. Manufacture.

T1 Barge Blueprin Originals are available from ORE stations. And they are awkwardly only out on the far edge of Nul-sec space.

As others have said: Barge Blueprint Copies are available through contracts.

Are you manufacturing for personal use or to sell? You may find it more cost effective just buy the ship - I’m a T2 manufacturer in high-sec and I can’t normally make a profit on T2 ships (I know why).

For working of the costs and profits Fuzzworks is your friend.

You can either:

  1. Buy a BPC for them on contract.
  2. Invent a BPC yourself from a Covetor or Procurer BPC. Which you also get on contract.

Or I guess a third option:

  1. Buy a Covetor/Procurer BPO, copy a BPC, invent that BPC to a Hulk/Skiff and then build it.

Just do option 1. It makes no sense to spend the ISK on BPOs you’ll use once or training the invention skills to build yourself a ship or two. It only makes sense if you are going into business and plan to build dozens or hundreds of them.

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BPO for T2 ships do exist, they just need to be purchased from players. You generally find them on Hypernet or on WTS forums and cost tens to hundreds of billions of ISK. T2 BPO used to be available in-game via a lottery system which is no longer available. Only those lucky few have them. :wink:

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Technically, correct.

Which means for practical purposes, you cannot buy them. (At least, not by this poor.) Which was the point being made by my ignoring them.

As all the others players said, either buy Procurer/Covetor BPC and invent the Hulk/Skiff BPC or just buy the Hulk/Skiff BPC also by contracts.

Most of the time, those contracts are seeded in commercial hubs like Jita or Amarr.
If you join a bigger corporation/alliance, most of them have at least one player owning the Covetor/procurer BPO who can easily print you copies.

Once you have those Hulk/Skiff BPC in hands, just take into account that this is not an easy industrial jobs. You need moon goo, make reactions to have the basic elements like Sylmaric Fibers and Crystalline Carbonite for exemple. With those, you must build more advanced components like ion thrusters and Pulse shield emitter. And only when you will have the required amount of those advanced elements, you will build your hulk or skiff.

so it takes times, it takes skills, it takes assets (reaction formula, advanced elements BPC). And you must have stations with good rigs in LS/NS to make it profitable. When you combine all of those, you can be profitable with a very good margin. It’s not that sure in a non rigged station in HS for exemple.

Most of the time, you will find it is cheaper and faster to buy your hulk/skiff directly. But it can be a player project and a satisfaction to build your own skiff/hulk, no matter the cost. It’s a game after all… Only you can decide.

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