Create faction blueprint copy from Faction Module - is this possible?


This should be a fairly quick one to answer. Can I obtain a faction module blueprint copy by consuming the said faction module? Is this part of the game mechanics? Has anyone done this, but most importantly, is it worth it?

Thanks in advance!

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Simply put, no.

No item in the game allows you to create a BPC from an item.

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That’s a negatory.

Faction BPC’s basically only come from LP stores and sites.

In case you don’t know, that’s kind of how invention works. BPO get researched and there a chance you can get a T2 BPC.

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Ok, thanks guys…


Just to expand on this a little:

T1 BPOs are seeded in NPC stations, and these can create BPCs easily through standard copying.

T2 BPOs technically exist, but no more will be seeded and the originals are insanely expensive (they pop up here now and again the in market place). Generally, T2 items are built through T2 BPCs that are created through Invention.

There are selections of specialized meta modules that players can build using BPCs that can be found through either exploration or running things like COSMOS missions. Most lower-tier meta modules do not have any kind of BP available and cannot be built by players.

Faction module BPCs can be bought through LP stores.

Faction ship BPCs can be bought through LP stores, but there are some other options as well. Pirate ship BPCs can be found through certain rare drops in DED combat sites (SoE ships are a little more convoluted, as you can get Nexus chips that can be redeemed in SoE LP stores for SoE ship BPCs) or may be given out in COSMOS or Epic Arc missions.

I think that covers it, but I might be missing something in there :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the reply - it was informative.

What I was hoping to do was get hold of a Caldari Navy Invulnerability Field blueprint copy. I have not yet seen one of these in the LP store, so I wanted to invent it. Now that I know it cannot be done, does anybody know of an LP store where a blueprint for this module can be found?

Looks like that might not have a BPC available- only the module. Some modules are like that- no BPC available.

Here’s a handy website for searching LP stores:

There is a lot of junk on that website, but the info is handy.

the problem was that in your OP you were talking about getting a bpc from a MODULE itself, not from a bpo. Your post was confusing, so the answers were confused.
Because in other mmos you can sometime do somethg like “retroengineering” and get the equivalent of bpc from a consumed item

Sorry, what?

Edit: Ah- thanks for the edit (there’s still a typo in there though :wink: )

Edit 2: Fixed- thanks!

i missclicked while typing, and you were too fast, i edited my post

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