Polarized T2 blueprint


Trying to find the T1 BPO for a Polarized Neutron Blaster Cannon, to copy and invent.
But cant find it!

Help please!!


As far as I know you can only get the BPC’s from Sleeper Cache sites. No BPO exists to buy in game. If you want more bpcs try looking up contracts in the trade hubs. make sure it’s worth building after parts, contract and sales taxes though.

Mr Farsaidh
Thank you for your response.
However, I know that you can produce BPC form T1 BPO and then use the T1 BPC for invention and generate a T2 BPC.
My problem was that i can not find the T1 BPO, to copy it, and then invent a T2 BPC for a POLARIZED NEUTRON BLASTER CANNON.

Thank you

That is because there isn’t one. Polarized bpc’s are a loot drop, I believe from the sleeper cache sites.

There is no BPO for polarized weapons. Only BPCs which enter the game as loot drops. You also cannot use them to invent as there are no T2 polarized weapons in the game.

Not every item has a BPO available. This includes polarized weapons.

I think a more accurate description may be that the BPO exists in the database to maintain data integrity, but can never be acquired by any means in game. That’s why BPO’s show up in the industry UI sometimes, even though you can never own them.

Thank you all!!

As mentioned by others there simply isn’t the means to invent them. You will either need to hunt and run the sleeper cache sites that you have to scan down (I personally really enjoy them as a real PvE challenge), or buy the BPC’s from contracts in the trade hubs.

This also explains the high cost of the polarized weapons, there are a limited number of them available at any one time

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