Tech ii railgun bpo

Must be missing something here but i dont seem to be able to work out how to produce spike , javelin etc?
there isnt a bpo i can find anywhere or a method of doing invention that generates one.
can someone please enlighten me as to how its done?
not the manufacturing , the BPO / Invention ?
fly safe

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you can use invention on antimatter, iridium, plutonium and thorium bpcs for a chance to to create void, javelin, spike and null bpcs respectively. Easiest way to find what t1 bpcs can be turned into t2 is probably to look on contacts at the various t1 ammo bpcs > right click “show info” and then see in if the intention icon is available.

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thanks for the reply . i tried to run invention on a plutonium bpo i have but there is no invention tab coming up , even though its a station i sue regulary to do tech ii ships…
bit of a mystery really…

Not sure if this will help: Remember to make copies. Invention cannot be done on originals.

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you sir are a god amongst men!
id forgotten that fact…
problem solved

cheers for that , id not twigged to the bpc instead of bpo…rookie error when your rushing …

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