How many runs from a T2 missile BPC?

Hi guys,

Sorry to post such a simple question but I can’t actually find the information I want anywhere.

I want to invent T2 missiles.
How many runs from an invented T2 BPC? And is it still 100 missiles produced per run?

My calculations made it seem very unprofitable due to price of rocket fuel but I’m pretty sure I don’t have the correct number of items produced in them.


Successful invention without a decryptor gives you a 10 run BPC.

The number of missiles per run may vary depending on the type of missile. The ones I have in stock are Fury heavy missiles and Javelin heavy assault missiles - you get 5,000 per run - 50,000 per BPC.

It’s literally in the game. 5000 items produces for a run of this one.


Thanks both.
I didn’t know how many BPCs from missile invention as it doesn’t say in game until you’re basically doing it (afaik)

One thing to note, as @Do_Little alluded to, is that you can also use decryptors during the invention process. These will have different effects (check the info for the decryptors), but some will provide more or fewer runs if the invention is successful while also potentially affecting TE, ME, invention success %, or some combination of the above.

OK yeah.
Leading on from this as not to create another thread…

If I do 10 runs of invention at 40% chance, and then deliver these once job is complete. Is the 40% chance applied to each run individually or the whole group of 10? I assume individual

each one.

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