How Many Runs should my Blueprint Copy Have?

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I am preparing to start T2 production and have been reading some guides. I am thinking of starting off with some drones.

Based on the guides I have read, you should use 1-run blueprint copies for ships and “max run” for modules, ammo and drones (for invention purposes).

The question I have is: where do i find out what the max run is? I’m suspecting that its 10 run copies but I cannot find confirmation anywhere. I don’t want to waste time making larger run sizes than I can use.

That’s outdated information. Each invention attempt now uses up 1 run on a copy and has no effect on the T2 print.

If you are inventing T2 drones, each successful invention will create a 10 run T2 BPC - maybe more if you include a decryptor in the attempt.

I generally do 50 run inventions - which take about 2.5 days for light drones and 5 days for mediums in a bonused facility. With level 5 skills my “expected” outcome is 24-25 T2 BPCs, 240-250 drones.

For invention, the ME/TE of the T1 BPC’s used for invention have no influence on the ME/TE of the invented T2 BPC. For light scout drones I will make 600 run T1 BPCs and use 50 runs at a time for invention.

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Thank you for clearing it up for me. Invention jobs are running :slight_smile:

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