Bluprint to run lost after one run

I lost lot of blue print copy. The job was set for 1 run ( + decryptor exit *10 run ) instead of 2 run. And after that I lost my blue print copy.
its normal or its a bugg ?
Do *I have to send an email CCP EOL ?

Job was set for 2 runs, only produced 1 run and then ate the BPC?

Yeah, it’s a bug…

You should definitely submit a Support Ticket…

(Don’t expect quick answer, give them some time to look into it)

May you have good luck and much success.

no for one instead of 2 run

Ok, so it was a 2 run BPC that you set to do 1 run and the job ate the BPC afterwards…

It’s still a bug and you should definitely submit a support ticket for it.


With Invention, you use up the BPC no matter what