BPO Maximum runs

Ok so perhaps this is a stupid question but if I pull up a blueprint original into the industry window there is a listing right above the BPO that says Maximum Runs and then below that is some number for example 5114 for Hydrogen Fuel blocks. I have made multiple copies from fully researched BPOs and also run manufacturing jobs from the same BPO and never seen this number change from what I can tell although the numbers do vary from BPO to BPO. Does anyone know what this number refers to?

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As far as I’m aware, Original Blueprints don’t have a limit on runs.

Max runs per jobs depend on the time. You cannot start total job runs that exceed 30 days in run time (exceptions are when the individual job exceeds that time by default, like capital or BS research jobs of ME/TE 9 or 10 or super cap build jobs).

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I think it’s before skills.

What’s more there is a maxCopyRun in the blueprint data that tells how many runs can a copy have.
Because otherwise you could start a job to copy a BP in infinite-runs and therefore could break the 30-month barrier.

Seems like the algorithm is like
(if job.runs>1 and activity.time×job.runs>30days) forbid else allow

(different activities for the same BP have different times)
The job.time is then set to activity.time×job.runs and reduced by skills, implants, structure, rigs.


BPOs have an unlimited use

Copies as stated can be made but are limited to #ofCopies x #ofRuns = 30 days maximum time

Cavet some research as mentioned can take over 30 days ie
A super bpc 1 run in HS can take 45 days with no skill in an NPC station for example.

It is ‘start a run’ beyond 30 days in the future.

Precisely. Which is why I was asking why there is an indicator right above the BPO when you load it in the Industry Menu that says Maximum Runs and whether or not that actually means something. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks for your comment by the way.

OK Guys

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to respond to my question but I am not sure I was clear enough to get the correct answer or perhaps I am just not interpreting your responses correctly. I am going to provide an example of what I am taking to clarify my question and and see if any of you or someone else can clarify the answers you have given:

The Maximum runs I’m asking about is the number shown in the above image taken from the EVE University web site (kudos to the UNI for their always excellent stuff by the way) . The number in this image is 424. What does this number refer to? Is it the combination of the number of runs times the number of copies that can be produced during a 30 day period? That is the sense of what I get from the discussion here but I am not quite sure.

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1h42m0s = 3600×1 + 60×42 = 6120 s per run
30 days = 30×24×3600 = 2592000 s
max run = ceil(2592000/6120) = ceil(423.5)=424

Seems it actually considers skills for time.