BPO Access Strategies


I am curious how y’all control access to corporation BPOs.

I’m not asking about mechanics, I’ve read, researched, and tested those…so I am familiar with locking, roles, containers, etc.

My question as more member-focused…how do you decide who gets access to the BPO and when? I can imagine some BPOs being in high demand for copies or whatnot, and always being tied up…how do you manage this?

I’m imagining multiple copies (where possible), signups for who’s turn is next, etc…but also see a lot of overhead and complexity to doing these levels of control.

What have you tried, and what have you learned?

Well, Eve Uni used to tell members to make copies, and then use the copies for production. And that’s because making copies will tie up a BPO for less time than building directly from it. They also bought and researched up additional copies of high demand BPO’s.

Some guys are also bad about managing their industry and delivering their jobs. They’ll forget, or get distracted by real life or other games. So, you might not want to give your rank and file guys direct access to your most expensive and heavily researched BPO’s, and instead provide copies upon request.


I never looked at it from the management side, but I know the Brave Dojo works by handing out free copies, rather than giving members access to the blueprint originals.

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Not by a lot. IIRC base copy time is base build time -20%. Then science skill + adv industry skill means copy -25% -15% so ×0.635 ; while industry +adv industry means -20% -15% so ×0.68 build.

Well, I’ll take your word on the math.

And, come to think of, that strat might even make less sense after you factor in things like structure rigs.

I can only assume Eve Uni did it that way because newbros tend to have worse skills, and because this was before engineering complexes. So, maybe it made more sense under those circumstances.

Also, I can’t like anything for 5 more hours. So…

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Thanks for the comments! It is interesting to consider the difference between making BPOs available only for copy and making them available for production. I’d be curious to see how industrial/science skills and BPO TE research balance out: at ground zero…which is fater, a copy or a production run? At full skills/research…does that change?

I do love me some data research. ^.^

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