Suggestion: Lets create a new job profession!

Hello fellow pilots,

Lets look into creating a new profession in eve. This profession will be known as a “researcher”. This profession will require some minor and major modifications to eve’s current system, but should not be to major of a change from the current game play.

To start, Players starts by exploring (data / hacking) sites. Player obtains a specific Research specific Item and it is used in all types of researcher activities.

The researcher will also dismantle items in the games with a chance to obtain a blue print original or copy. Basically if you buy a omen, you can dismantle it and gain some knowledge about it. After doing this a few times you should unlock the ability to create a copy of how to make the item. These copies should be single run (possibly more).

Next, All current existing Blue print originals and copies will have a chance to be destroyed when copied. This chance will be effected by skills. The highest tier will unlock 10% chance to be destroyed when copying a BPO, and a 20% chance to destroy a copy.

In addition, All copies and originals will require a specific set of skills to be able to be copied, preventing players who do not have the skills from copying them.

Lastly various support skills will be added to speed up research time, or what ever the need is to make the above system work.

I wanted to note:

It should be noted that i wanted to suggest that all bpo’s and bpc’s had a limit to the amount of copies they could have made, at some point massively devaluing the original.


This should work out so that a good amount of skills are required for people to even begin to start being able to make copies, much less of higher level ship copies. In essence, copying, and creating bpcs and bpos should be the realm of the researcher.

I will say, this would be even more powerful in making this profession key, if eve no longer had originals, or they expired after a set amount of usages or time.

If researchers with the above changes could make bpc’s and only made 1 copy at a time (per a “run” after “unlocking how to build a omen”) things would get really interesting and researchers would be really key profession.

— In addition –

The concept of removing “runs” on both bpc’s and bpo’s in place of a replaced “how many you can make per a run” might be more powerful in validating bpc’s, but making their power expire quickly.

:thinking: A 10% chance to get a 22B BPO destroyed just by using it? Or let’s say even a 600M BPO that you poured numerous months of research into can get destroyed at the first use? You really must be working for EA or Activision.

Under your scenario, I would have to destroy several Omens to get an Omen BPO or several Nyx super carriers to get a Nyx BPO…

not one said “using” it was said “chance to be destroyed if you copy it”.
and its 10/20% at max skills, not base.

Copying is using it. :roll_eyes:

I got that the 10% is the lowest chance with highest skill level achieved. None of your responses makes this suggestion any better.

Copying is not using it. It is utilizing a feature in it. You dont use up runs by copies (though that might be a good idea).

The point of the suggestion is to transfer this “part” of the functionality of making copies, to a new system to help make a new job option a possibility in eve. That is not “removing t” it is giving the practice of making copes “value” on the profession.

A lot of what you want already exists in the game but at the T2 and T3 level. Decryptors and relics are available through exploration. The skills are massive - I have characters with over 30 million SP in science skills. I have blueprints that took a year and hundreds of millions of ISK to research to a competitive level. Invention is chance based and small intact hull sections are going for 75 million - it’s painful when that invention fails!

It would be cool if research agents handed out exploration missions but, I’m not holding my breath!

Yes, but the issue is that the current sstems do not allow for this profession to be beneficial to a corporation, or even to the player.

With modifications to allow only them to copy bpo’s etc, these profession becomes instantly validated, even more so if they can “reverse engineer” a bpo from the finished product.

this would provide a steady location for the bpc’s you need or want, making the profession valid for both the single player, and many other players/entities, especially if the bpc’s were changed to be 1 run copies each (stackable).

The current system is extremely beneficial to me. I sold 500 million ISK worth of capital BPC kits overnight while I was sleeping! Level 5 science skills give me a small but useful edge when inventing - marginal utility is quite high in a competitive market.

The key to Eve is to figure out how to make the rules - whatever they are work for you and adapt when they change. Industry changed a lot a couple of years ago with the Crius expansion and will likely change again in the future - CCP have been working on module tiercide and player built meta modules for 3 years now - eventually they’ll get it done. That will be a big change. For me, it really doesn’t matter what the rules are as long as they are the same for everyone. I’ll do well as long as the playing field is level.

the problem is that you need the bpo to obtain such wealth.
This is a huge chunk of change for a new player. The disparity for them to take this as a primary profession because of that simple fact only validates my position (that the job needs changes).

But trashing 10 or 20 Omen to obtain a 1 run BPC or a BPO is not? :thinking:

Who said 10 or 20 was required to make 1 bpc?

Stop making assumptions. I get it, you have no legit arguments, just a troll. Thats fine. I can use the report features.

I grabbed a random number for the sake of argument. Which numbers did you have in mind? 1 trashed Omen for 1 1-run BPC? 1 trashed Omen for a BPO?

Indeed, the numbers are fairly irrelevant. It has to be more than 1 run from 1 ship, otherwise what’s the point, but it would also have to be quite a few ships for a BPO (and then, what happens to the materials the ship was made of? do you get minerals? salvage?). It’s a weird extra step that might make sense in a post-apocalyptic setting, but it makes no sense for T1 ships. For T2/T3 maybe, but those already rely on a very similar mechanic through invention.

A skilled inventor who can provide T2 or T3 BPCs to his corp is very valuable. Sure, it does not work so well for T1, but T1 stuff is supposed to be easily accessible, mundane stuff. That’s why you can buy T1 BPOs.

Your suggestion is essentially: Let’s devalue all existing BPOs by making them destroyable upon copy, then make them accessible in other ways than buying them to increase the supply. You would also need to significantly speed up BPO research otherwise investing in a destroyable BPO would quickly not make sense.

Is your main problem is how hard it is for new players to get BPOs to compete with older players?

Or is all of this to… create an artificial need for a “BPO maker” player? In reality, a lot of manufacturing is done from BPCs, so there is already a need for BPC makers and that need is significant at the T2 and T3 level. There is also a use for BPO researchers for corps who want to build up their BPO libraries.

All in all, although it might be a nice “basement mechanic” possibility to destroy something to get a BPC/BPO out of stuff, it is an edge case that is not really adding anything.

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