PROPOSAL - Research Agents!

Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

research Agents gave T2 BPO’s…

This is no longer the case and they now give out data cores which are used to research T2 BPC’s.

To make research agents have more than 1 use or be helpful to new players without a ton of SP’s can we not look at the following:

  1. Give players the option to spend research points for a T2 BPC with the number of runs, ME, and TE levels as options that would increase the costs in research points.


Research agents need time and patience. New players or alphas have no business meddling in long year trained omega business, not now, not ever.

New players also have no business in tech 2 research, nor should they ever be given tech 2 copies for “free”.

Why in the world should noobies get tech 2 copies for free when omega accounts need money and time to research and invent them?

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Actually I think it would be cool if R&D Agents gave out a variety of missions which included other career aspects, such as scanning, hacking, etc, instead of their usual ‘Go fetch me some Ore’ or ‘Please deliver this item’ missions every 24 hrs.

Research agents work well for people like me who have several characters trained for invention. Most of my characters have 5 level 4 agents and I harvest their datacores once a year between Christmas and New Year. The agents are far too scattered to make running the missions worthwhile - simply passive accumulation of RP.

This is not good game design - people like me really don’t need to be given thousands of datacores per year for doing nothing. Even though there was a substantial initial investment in skills and standing, there should be some active engagement with the game to claim the reward.

The current missions are a joke - I would also like to see exploration missions that use scanning and hacking skills as the sole source of RP - and possibly other invention related rewards like decryptors. Get rid of the passive generation!

You equated New players to Alphas. I did not. I just said new players. If thats Omega only then it should be set in the skills allowed already.