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Hi, I’m new to Eve and I have what may be a stupid question on R&D missions. Why are they on a 24 hour timer instead resetting daily with the server rest or at a specific time each day? Many games have activities that can only be done once per day, but they don’t limit the time of day its done (the same time you did it yesterday or later).

I’m not complaining about it (yet), but maybe there’s a real reason for it to be set up that way and am looking for that reason.

Research missions effectively allow you to double the RP from an agent and are incredibly simple to do. I believe the 24 hour timer is intended to make sure it’s at least 24 hours between missions - otherwise you could run one just before downtime and another just after - then skip a day.

RP was a lot more valuable when the feature was first introduced. It was nerfed and most datacores now come from faction warfare. A lot of people like me harvest them passively - I don’t run the missions and collect my datacores once a year.

I personally believe research agents should give exploration missions of some kind - active gameplay rather than let us passively accumulate RP.

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Just as a sidenote, you don’t even have to do the missions for the RP. You can just wait a few weeks / months / whatever time frame you like above 1 day.

Normally I agree with you but in this case that’s a big no, firstly why, anyone that does interact with these agents has bought expensive skill books to be able.
Secondly, just no, everything else is a chore and the few data cores you actually get even in a year’s time isn’t worth a whole lot of isk even pi puts more passive isk in a week then you get in a month of these research agents.

The expensive skillbooks are for T2 manufacturing and invention. The only effort I invested was the standing for level 4 agents for my characters. Right now a character with 5 level 4 agents earns 550 RP/day which works out to about 2000 datacores per year. Not my most profitable venture but I don’t think anything else I do generates more ISK/hour of effort!

I won’t complain if they leave it alone, it isn’t an ISK faucet, but the trend is to more active gameplay and I’d rather they replace it with exploration missions than simply remove it.

From what I remember from a fanfest presentation, R&D agents will be replaced at some point by structure or structure services that produce datacores.

Oh god no

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