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I’m not sure if this should be in here or the PvE forum as its agent related

I’ve just returned to Eve on an Alpha clone after a four year break. Obviously a lot has changed since I left, but has anything happened to the way agents work. I had several level 3 R&D agents, and now I’ve come back they have a ton of RP, but they won’t talk to me to let me cash them in. My effective standing with all of them is still 4 or more, and I know I was still using them up until I stopped playing. Unless they’re pissed I didn’t return their calls over the last few years, I don’t see why they aren’t talking to me.

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Alpha characters can’t interact with R&D agents.

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Thanks. I did suspect that might be the case, but I couldn’t find anything actually saying that

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wouldn’t want you afking isk for free now would we?

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I just returned as well after a few years away on a Alpha clone which has 5 lvl 4 R&D agents and I was able to buy data cores from them, but am not sure if they will continue to give me any RP.

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I haven’t tried that, they might just not allow you to get new agents. ccp has a habit of not thinking things all the way.

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