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Apologies if this question has been asked and answered, but search engine isn’t finding anything for me.

I was able to access Caldari space once upon a time and had an R&D agent chugging out research points for me to access datacores. I left the game for a while and when i returned remained in Gallente space, but Caldari rep took a massive hit and when i’ve returned to try and access the station i’m obviously not allowed in. Boo hoo to me.

Now the question. As i’m happy to relinquish the points accrued to date and simply “bin” the agent, is there an option somewhere that i’m missing where it is possible to stop them giving me points per day i.e., i just kick him/her to the kerb. I’d like to start afresh with an agent in Gallente/Minmitar space, but can only have x amount of agents working for me at once.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

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You can hire united standings improvement agency (link in bio) to get your standings up and access back to that agent plus get your standings up for gallente as well

It’s very tough to say without actually knowing what your current standings are.

Easiest and fastest way is to first train up the Diplomacy skill, check your standings and if over -2.00 Faction, can contact the Research agent. If not, then run Career agents and or Data Center agents of the same Faction as the Research agent to gain standings for access.

More info on that in ‘The Plan’…

Hardest and slowest way is to contact CCP / Customer Support via Support Ticket for can’t access agent, etc.

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Thanks for replies, will give “The plan” a go later on.

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