Need to raise standings with Gallente

I used the agent finder to find an agent who takes serpentis tags. (level 1) When I got to the system the agent was supposed to be, he was not there. I checked all structures in the system. Am I missing something?

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COSMOS agents are in space.

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What you’re looking for are Data Center Agents. Like Cosmos Agents, they’re located in space at Celestial Beacons which will show in the Overview.

Training up Social, Connections and Diplomacy skills will also help a lot. Lastly for future reference, check out ‘The Plan’ for more info on repairing negative Faction standings as well as boosting positive Faction standings.


all the social skills are trained up. Using the agents at the beacons helped a lot. Now I can go into gallente space without them attacking. Thanks for the help. o7

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COSMOS agents are BROKEN :hugs:

If you want to improve standings a lot, you can do/repeat every 3 months Epic Arc for Sister of EVE.
Sister Alitura awaits. :kissing_heart:

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You can also do the soe arc in fleet and get standings. so can run it as often as you can push an alt or friend through it.

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Some of them may refuse to cooperate but most of them will work.

When I did all of the Empires Cosmos, I had a couple of Agents refuse to work. Course after submitting a support ticket to CCP, only one Agent afterwards refused to work. Also another Agent refused to offer his first mission but did offer all the other missions in his series.

Only the last mission in each Cosmos Agents mission series gives Faction standing increase so I was able to continue and complete my goal of having positive standings with all Empire Factions.

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