RnD agent not offering daily mission anymore

Strange situation with 2 out of my pool of 5 rnd agents that I have been using for years.

Both stopped offering daily missions. Both stopped sending the “notification”.
Both belong to the same npc corp (Carthum Conglomerate).
A third agent, also belonging to that same corp functions normally, including sending the daily notifications, as do the remaining two (from different faction)

No standings were changed, no missions were ever rejected, but I never run daily missions every day.
After buying the available datacores and canceling research with both agents I restarted the research with both. RP builds up normally. After 36 hours I went back. They still refuse to offer daily missions. Any way to kick start those two lame ducks ?

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My R&D Agents will stop sending Evemail notifications after a few days of no interaction with them. Been like that for years and years…

As for the issue you posted, maybe try clearing cache files in ‘Reset Settings’ tab of Esc Menu, also verify integrity of downloaded files in ‘Shared Cache’ menu of Launcher. That might help resolve the issue.

Most importantly, you should submit a Support Ticket about it and file a Bug Report asap.

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Yes, I know about the notifications only being sent once for a new offer. The “request mission” button is simply not on the conversation window for either agent when visiting them.

Before I posted I did the integrity verification. Clearing cache files is something I only do when all hope is lost and then only at gun point, lol, so that will have to wait.

Support ticket and bug report were also sent a day ago. Guess all that remains is to wait for the official response.

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I’ve found that clearing all cache files in Esc menu seems to help remove some of the little annoying bugs that show up after game patch has been downloaded. From my experience that option seems to resolve most issues with Agents. Basically it’s just a quick restart compared to verifying integrity of downloaded files in the Launcher.

Anyway, I suggest trying that since it’ll be a while before you get a reply from Customer Support.

Already got a reply from Customer Support apparently, within 24 hrs, so props to them !! It’s an issue on their side, and it will be fixed. In the mean time, one of both agents is now offering a daily again (even sent a notification) (after two DT’s since I canceled and restarted research). The other one, however, still gives me nothing but a cold shoulder - perhaps another DT will warm her up too :smiley:

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Gratz on getting an answer about the issue. Hopefully all your problems will soon be resolved.

Also thanks for posting this thread, it reminded me that I need to visit my R&D Agents and also pick another R&D Agent for Datacore Farming. I just recently trained Research Project Management level 5 which now allows me access to 6 R&D Agents.

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That last agent … she still gives me cold stares and silly offers for the few datacores she produces. I asked the GM about moving to another agent, but he said there was no guarantee that the issue wouldn’t pop up there as well. Seems a sporadic occurence, and I happen to be one of the few who experience it.
Oh well, it’s not like i did the extra 20 jumps every single day to visit her, although I did fit a ship just for that purpose (also to get between amarr and jita in under 25 min via hisec, lol).
I’m still holding off on the last level of ResProjMgmt, because it would only pay off if I pushed my other research skills up one more level to get 1 datacore per day passively per agent. That would be time better spent first.

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Yeah, I’ve pretty much ran out of sub-cap skills to train, currently have over 250 mill SP’s with most skills at lv 5. Basically I’m now max training all my skills.

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Both agents working again :partying_face:

Yep, similar situation on the skills, at last pushing for the very last levels on all the weapon type specializations. Gonna take a while … The free sp from the events and the the skilling sprees are more than welcome, lol.

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