Research agents and missions

I wasn’t able to run a mission for R&D agent. In fact I wasn’t even offered one . Did I miss something are they not running missions anymore

:red_circle: I can run missions just fine for my L4 R&D agents.

If the agent is in a Triglavian invasion system then there probably aren’t any missions.

:red_circle: Final Loom systems remove missions? Or what do you mean by that?

That is what heard, yes.

This is correct.

That is not the case here. The agent is in Parchanier I’ve put in a ticket so we’ll see

In my experience, if you decline a mission, you will not be offered another one. you need to collect your datacores, stop working with the agent and restart.

Do don’t need to clear your datacores. If the R&D agent stops sending you mails you need to go to them and attempt to start a conversation. This seems to kick start them, might be a day or so (maybe a dt). Then they will start sending you messages again.

Beware that R&D agents hold a grudge.

If you lose standing with one (fail to complete a mission), there is no way to ever gain it back if they won’t talk to you!

Check your standing to see if there was a loss.

Note that there is no penalty for declining a mission.

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