Dropping mission to save faction standing

How much rep is lost per mission declined? I am currently 8.2 effective standing with my L4 Minmitar agent. I am also -2.46 with the Amarr. I am currently being offered a 2 part mission without a blitz option that has me killing Amarr ships. I am worried about falling too far below in agent standing and losing my L4 missions. Advice?

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Wait 4 hours?


I could but play time is limited. :frowning:

Pop a 75% potency booster and don’t worry about declines for 1-2 days (depending on your biology skill). This will significantly boost your standing gain, and zero out losses by declines. It will not reduce standing loss by kills or derived standings.

I tend to forget those things exist.


you lose as much as you would gain by completing the mission. Or something linear.

edit : when REFUSING the mission. When dropping after accepting it, I don’t know.

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not much, although it somewhat depends on what standings you are relying on. There are agent, corp, and faction standings. Agent standings can jump a bunch on a decline I doubt 8.2 would drop below +5 but I haven’t had agent standings that high in a while and typically don’t pay much attention to agent standings. Corp standings drop a bit less if you have decent corp standing you should be fine with an occasional decline. And faction standings barely move I typically bounce between +7 to +8 cherry picking missions.

if you look up the standings math you could calculate it


here are a few loss :

mission name / corp loss / agent loss
buzz kill / -0.219 / -0.438
cargo delivery / -0.065 / -0.129
damsel in distress / -0.189 / -0.379
duo of death / -0.095 / -0.19
gone berserk / -0.162 / -0.325
mordu’s folly / -0.173 / -0.346
rogue drone harassment / -0.138 / -0.277
rogue slave trader / -0.073 / -0.147
surprise surprise / -0.148 / -0.296
the angel cartel spies / -0.08 / -0.16

agent loss i’s literally twice the value of the corp. I have perfect social skills and no booster.


Is missioning such a vital activity within that limited time? Personally, when I run into that 4 hour decline timer, I take that as the game hinting at me to try something else for a bit. Explore some other part of the game, then by the next day/chance, go back to missioning…

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I understand what you are saying but right now, I am into doing the missions. I finally got my skills up enough to do level 4 missions so it’s the new thing for me.

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-2.46 with Amarr Faction?

Unless I’m missing something here, if that’s the case then you shouldn’t have access to high level agents.

If you haven’t done so already, definitely train up the Diplomacy skill.

As for the agent and the 4 hr waiting time, just work for another agent until the 4 hr timer is done.

He is working for Minmatar. But your advice is sound, cycling through agents.

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Ahhh, he’s working for Minmatar, I didn’t catch that part. Thanks.

Actually after looking again I see it now, my bad.

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