Mission decline timer

Currently missions can be declined once every 4 hours.

Sometimes there is a hard mission you want to skip, sometimes there is an anti faction mission you don’t want to do so that you don’t mess up standings, etc… While I agree there needs to be something in place so that people don’t just reject all but burners, it’s a bit harsh to still have one mission every 4 hours.

So after nth time of getting anti faction mission, declining, doing 2-3 missions in 20-30 minutes, then getting another anti faction mission and just going to play something else for the next three and half hours, maybe returning back to EVE later I kinda got tired of it. It really is too harsh of penalty. Yes you can take standings hits and reject it anyways, or you could have multiple puller alts, but meh…

So I would like to suggest something along the lines of having 1 decline every 2 hours, or maybe even have a skill that reduces from 4 hours to 2 hours and also add that each mission done halves the wait time, this should not be that difficult to implement / costly for performance, each time you turn in mission, if there is timer, halve it.

So for example:

  1. Reject mission, get 2 hours timer
  2. Do a mission of 10 minutes duration, turn it in, timer for next rejection is now 55 minutes (10 minutes passed from 2 hours, 110 minutes left, halved to 55 minutes)
  3. Do another mission of 10 minutes duration, turn it in, timer for next rejection is 22.5 minutes…

This would still work to avoid people just cherry picking missions too much, but still awards players who are actively playing with ability to avoid certain missions and not stop their game session in tracks completely for next 3-4 hours…

they dont have this timer … you can reject all burners without any standing loss !

some ppl reject all missions they cant get blitzed xD and they dont care about the standing loss ! you can reject so much missions before youre standing hit are to much

thats unlucky but simply reject this 2nd faction mission again … they are pretty rare and only with a lot of bad luck you got a lot of them

this penalty isnt hard … oO ive do all day long atm and i dont need to fear any consequenzes … so at least it need to be harsher !

dont see any valid reason why we need this

so you want an almost instant removing of this timer oO
dont see any reason to have THIS …

no xD the timer didnt even stop ppl cherripicking now …

isnt the mission reward your reward for playing active ? oO

or you reject the next faction mission and go on for the rest of the day oO didnt see a problem … oh wait xD cant see the problem because there is no problem

I wrote the opposite example, people rejecting normal missions to get more burners… So the timer is there to avoid that situation.

Yes, some people do reject, they also recommend the alts, still, what is the game benefit for it being 4 hours at the moment? Why 4 hours? Why not 2? Why not 6?

Not really, they are not that rare for all the agents, in my experience yes, some agents give them so rarely (off top of my head, l4 caldari navy in Umokka), some other ones give them way more frequently, like on average every 6-8 missions I get faction one.

Good for you, I still don’t see argument why you think that we need the timer other than your personal experience without any explanation is that we don’t need it

How is that almost instant if it’s based on activity and halving, it’s speeding up the process, yes, but it’s nowhere near instant.

So what is the point of the timer in the first place then?

You are kinda contradicting yourself. On one hand you don’t see a problem of rejecting, but on the other hand you are adamant about timer staying as is. Sounds like you just prefer meaningless complications for the sake of it.

The problem, as described is that some agents give anti-faction missions at higher rate and you can easily be in situation where you have to decline multiple times inside 3-4 hours of game session. that also means that your faction standings will tank if you keep rejecting, the penalty is not large, but if you do missions fast enough and have to reject every 8-12 missions, you will end up loosing standings faster than you can get them back by doing storylines.

In any case, I can work around it with just using alt to pull missions and not care about it, but the question remains, why 4 hour timer, other than “ITs AlwAYs BeeN LIke THaT AnD I DonT SeE a PRoblEM”

Maybe the 4 hr timer is there as CCPS way of making sure we dont sit there.

Hi, GEO from United Standings Improvement Agency (USIA).

We regularly decline missions multiple times in the 4 hout window when we blitz missions. We also use several agents at once to cut down on mass declines if possible.

Storyline missions, burners you can decline all day long with no repercussion.

The idea to make it less troublesome when mass declining is to have a high enough faction standing so wont be penalized as harshly.

You only lose -0.001 fac standing per decline of a mission after 4 hours. Sure the hit to corp/agent is higher, but with high faction thats not an issue.

Our CEO is the only one that doesnt play like we do. If his pool of agents are all on the cooldown, then hes done for the time being.

The 4 hour timer is only a problem if you make it one. CCP has long timers for certain activities for a reason. 3 months for the arcs, 4 hours for missions.

I didn’t even read this because

  1. Missions need an entire gutout.
  2. CCP hasn’t touched missions in years.

This will just be filed with all the other mission suggestions. Sorry OP.

Point taken, but then again, even that small 0.1% loss on higher standings can be noticeable. Above 5.0 standings, each time you reject you go down 0.02 standings which you need to wait for storylines, which are also a can of worms long term, but what ever…

Right now I’ve had

  • Surprise Surprise, rejected
  • The Right Hand of Zazzmatazz - 5 minutes
  • Anomic Agent - Daredevil - 5 minutes
  • Anomic Base, rejected for free, at least something
  • Unauthorized Military Presence - 9 minutes
  • War Situation, rejected with standings loss of 0.02 to faction, 0.15 to corp, 0.30 to agent - timer left cca 3 hours and 40 minutes
  • The Damsel in Distress - 8 minutes
  • In the Midst of Deadspace, Timer left 3 hours and 49 minutes, meh, will go play something else

So in span of just 27 minutes, 3 anti faction missions…

Whats stopping you from going to other agents? For the same corp or faction?

the need to move all your stuff there ?

In this particular case, closest agent in same corp is 5+ jumps out. There is another corp I can switch, but yes, since introducing burners, there is more than one ship to move… Even switching to another corp in the same system still sometimes requires that I have to dock to the original station to grab something…

I could use bowhead, but bowhead alone + marauder is already like 5 billion to move just in hull value…

You should apply to work for USIA. we have ships all over the place for that reason.

And you would make more isk than you are now.

Considering I am at the moment running for about 280 mill per hour, I am fine without complications of moving / getting into fleet / contracting ships over / having to be online at specific time / anything else that detracts from netflix on other screen :smiley:

We dont require you to be online

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