Increased penalty for declining a mission?

(Stormborn Pollard) #1

I’ve noticed that my standings with an agent go down more than normal when I decline a mission after the update. Didn’t see anything in patch notes, is this intended?

(Quor Dresden) #2

I don’t decline many, but they do reward different amounts based on difficulty, or if it’s a story mission. Did you decline a story mission? Or a more difficult time consuming mission?

(Buoytender Bob) #3

Don’t know specifically about standing decrease when declining, but I do know in the past they changed the derived decrease in opposing factions to a higher number ( worse for you) when turning in a finished storyline mission. This occurs even if you are going against pirates if the mission is assigned by one of the major power blocks. When I submitted a ticket, the GM responded that the newer numbers were made less attractive to mission runners to reduce “fencesitting” by players. Now you lose up to around 75% of your gained standing with your factions supposed group in certain storyline missions, even those against pirates or delivering needed medical supplies. Another stealth change would not surprise me.

(ISD Sakimura) #4

You are allowed to decline one (1) mission every four (4) hours without being penalized, if you do decline more than one mission you will be penalized, this means a loss in standing with the Agent itself as well as the Agent’s Corporation and if it’s a Storyline mission then you will also take a Faction standing hit. The standing hit are based on a few things such as, which mission it is and the level of the mission (could maybe be more).

(ship wrecked) #5

Is there a way to see how long ago your last mission decline was?

(Buoytender Bob) #6

Yes, at the bottom of the mission description as presented by your agent, there should be a sentence that states how long you have before you are NOT penalized for declining a mission; anything under 4 hours, you get dinged. If it either says “you can decline every 4 hours” or the agent is offering a anomic (burner) mission, you are safe to decline. Remember you can rotate around agents and factions as need be to overcome any problems.

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(Cypr3ss Deteis) #8

Ahh, yes you do, so gtfo with ya bullcrap one word responses.



(Anderson Geten) #9

Smash the supplier is not a storyline.