Missions, standing penalty for decline

Hello, i`ll notice that decline penalty doesnt work properly, its seems it doesnt have scaling based on agent\corp standing anymore. It also have been increased for 50%, the corp standing loss is so high, so its almost impossible to roll burner missions anymore.Standings


I’m having the same issue. It seams that something changed with the latest release and it would be great to know if a solution is in the works, or if CCP is aware of the issue

I am also experiencing this problem

Agreed, same here

To nice to be true… Burner missions were not created to be rolled, but to let PvE players taste almost PvP experience.

Probably another mission stealth nerf/increased penalty that CCP has added over the last year or so. Sent in a ticket about the stealth change they made in standing decreases for opposing factions about a year or more ago and recieved a reply that the company was trying to close loopholes in the system such as “fence sitting” standings. Perhaps this is another tightening of the leash…or it could be just simply be another example of CCP coding errors.

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I may be wrong, but it seems to me, that standing gain rate is also increased a little bit…

I decline 7 missions in a row and standing to agent is 9.4, yesterday was 9.3 i did just a couple of missions, so yea u lose more but u get also more then before. Other thing that this wasnt announced in update.

The main problem is with corp standing, you may get -0.5 per single mission, so your corp standing ends way faster rathen then agent standing.

Wait, you mean now you can’t decline burner missions without standing loss? Is that an accidental bug or CCP Ret Arded striking again?

No, decline anomic missions still gove you zero loss standing. Standing penalty was increased by decline all other missions, also loss of corp standing was increased 2x, so its being impossible to roll that much for getting only burrners mission.

P.S. It feel like they fix it just now, after last dt, but i need run more tests.

Problem was solved. Ty ccp.

Still don’t see correction; please point it out. Thank you.

so its bad that they want to do more burners?


  • Fixed an issue causing skills to not reduce standings penalties for declining missions.

What are that skills?!

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