Repeated offers for Anomic Missions

NPC: Do Anomic Agent!

Me: Decline. Request Mission.

NPC: Do Anomic Agent!

Me: Decline. Request Mission.


How about you just make certain agents give these missions so I stop getting spammed with requests to do them?

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That would be so amazing. Sometimes I get 5 or more of them in a row.

Those missions don’t cost you more than a few clics. deny them.
As stated, you don’t lose standing for refusing burners.

Yep. When you want a Burner mission good luck finding one…

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given their payouts that would be incredibly silly, wait who am I kidding, with current standing mechanics I can decline all non-burner missions already. Although I guess I could just endlessly run burners and never have to worry about storylines.

denying missions with 5 standing is 0.01 - 0.02 standing hit to faction. this hurts a lot when you do hundreds of them

which is exactly why I said I have to worry about storylines, and wouldn’t have to do that with a dedicated burner agent

Considering that you would very quickly kill your faction and NPC corp standing with your approach, you indeed don’t have to worry.

if by very quickly you mean almost never then yea. You can decline almost every non burner mission and your corp/agent standing won’t go below -2, and the occasional storyline will keep you above 5.0 faction standings. There’s like 3 normal missions I run, it used to be more but a few missions where the blitz was removed, and I realized it just wasn’t needed. This is an old screenshot of my standings journal

Care to try and decline any non-burner mission to see what happens? :slight_smile: I would be genuinely interested to see the results (but not nearly interested enough to waste my time on burners).

it’s sorted by gain, all the declines are small and effectively meaningless. there were a lot of declines to get that many successes.

Actually, the hit is just 0.016%. The loss from declining 1 regular mission at 5.0 is -0.0008, bringing you down to 4.9992.

Declining 100 regular missions brings you down from 5.0 to 4.92, or by 1.6% total. For reference, a single Materials for War Prep gives you almost double that amount of faction standings.

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I just checked and I have two -0.002 standing hits for declining “surprise suprise” and “massive attack”. This is for a faction I am at 4.79

On the other hand, for other factions I only take -0.001 for mission declined. With more or less standing.

For a more current reference this picture is the in game graph of my corp standings, that actually went up over a play session. At the same time my faction standing dropped 0.05 over the same period declining a total of 26 missions. And agent standings are the same as corp standings just a bit more exaggerated as agent standings change a bit more than corp standings.


This is a case of fairly good RNG for mission selection, it’s also very possible to get a streak of bad RNG where your standings drop some. The lower your standings go the hits from declining get smaller, and the gains get bigger for completing missions. This is a big part of what makes it work.

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