Confimred clearance by GM of standing loss/gain by decline/accomplish ( cherry picking missions )

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I finally got clearance on a very complicated topic of standing hack order. Basically if you max out social skills and push your faction/race standing over the missions thresholds, lets say 5 for level 4 missions you can cherry pick your missions. You can ground your personal agent and npc corp standing into <or= -10 as long as your faction/race standing is high enough. With maxed out social skills the loss for declining two missions in a row is approximatly so small for the faction/race standing that you can decline 200 to 1000 missions for one storyline mission gain to balance it out.

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That has largely been known and is a key mechanic in burner blitzing that said I have one nitpick.

There is/used to be a -2 cutoff, if agent, corp, or faction was below -2 you couldn’t pull missions with that agent/corp/faction respectively and that is after skills, so your real standing is -3 to -4 or so with diplo 3 or 4. I’m not 100% sure that is in game anymore as my standings history showed I hit -2.11 with the agent, although I’m also not sure the standings history graph is accurate either. When I went on the test server I just declined everything and as predicted once my standing was below -2 the agent stopped offering me missions. So that leads me to believe the cutoff still applies but I’m not 100% sure.

Typically you get your faction standings somewhere around +5 to +8 Then corp standings bump around some but usually stay good, and it’s the agent standings that jump around the most. So I usually just keep an eye on the agent standings. Next time I do missions I’ll get a little more aggressive with my cherry picking


This is not true!

Once you re bellow -2.00 with agent, he wont give any missions to you nomatter your corp and faction standings are! If your corp standing goes same path, goes bellow -2.00 with corp, you can’t run missions with that corp, and finally if your faction standing is bellow -2.00 forget missioning for that Faction ( only lvl1 missions!)


i thought you can’t go below -2 with agent/corp?

Yes, -2.00 standing is the cut off for Agent access but you can still go below -2.00 with the Agent. Say you have -1.99 with the Agent and fail a mission, that would easily put you below -2.00 standing. Course once you reach -2.00 or lower you’ll no longer be able to access that Agent. The only way to regain standing with that specific Agent would be to fleet with someone else who has access to that Agent and share mission completion.

The Corp standing can easily go way below -2.00 standing just by incurring negative standings with other Agents within that Corp. That’s just for level 1 Agents.

For all other levels Faction standing over rides Corporation standing.

The -2 cutoff still applies as I’m docked in a station where I have high faction standings but low corp standings mostly thanks to podding some people.

I have diplo III so -2 after skills is around -3.5 unmodified, would need to use the formula to find out exactly where (personally I cba). With Diplo IV you can go to about -4.29 unmodified, luckily I have an alt who has corp standing exactly there. That gives a lot of buffer when it comes to cherry picking.

So you’re saying you have the required Faction standing to access Agents but still can’t because the Corporation is below -2.00 standing?

yep and 0 unmodified agent standing (0.8 with connections 2)

OK, so you have positive Faction standing (amount ?), the Corp is below -2.00 standing and the Agent has +0.8 standing and you can’t access that Agent.

Is that a level 1 Agent ?

lv2 and 4 agents in station. Not sure on lv1 mechanics, pretty sure they should always be accessible, but I’ve only verified that with poor faction standings, never looked at what happens with low corp/agent standing

Well, let’s see:

-2.00 Faction standing cut’s off access to Agents level 2 and higher leaving all level 1 Agents available, regardless of Faction standing.

-2.00 Agent standing cut’s off access to that specific Agent, regardless of Faction or Corporation standing.

I only remember CCP saying all level 1 Agents can be accessed regardless of Faction standing. I assumed Corporation standing also worked the same as Faction standing. So now if Corporation standing actually works the same as Agent standing:

-2.00 Corporation standing cut’s off access to all Agents within that specific Corporation, regardless of Faction or Agent standing.

So that would make -2.00 the cut off point for both Agent and Corporation standings, regardless of Faction standing.

I just logged in to apply a booster, I do have access to the lv1 agent in station. looks like you can still access a lv1 agent with below -2 corp standings.

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OK, so basically the Agent access game mechanics are:

  1. All level 1 Agents are available, regardless of Faction or Corporation standing.

  2. At -2.00 Agent standing, no access to that specific Agent, regardless of Faction or Corporation standing.

  3. At -2.00 Corporation standing, no access to level 2 and higher Agents within that Corporation, regardless of Agent or Faction standing.

  4. At -2.00 Faction standing, no access to level 2 and higher Agents within that Faction, regardless of Agent or Corporation standing.

  5. Faction standing, Corporation standing, Agent standing, any of those standings can be used to access level 2 and higher Agents provided the other two standings are above -2.00 standing.

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mostly looks right, but I suppose -2 or below agent standing might work, but I can’t really think of a situation where that really comes into play. maybe a newb fails a few missions? Blitzing a cherry picking lv1s I suppose could be a thing, but doubt it would ever be worth it outside of very very specific circumstances that could be out trained within a week or two?

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