What are Standings good for anymore?

Was just reading with a laugh about how the Corporation Management skills are so out of date and not needed and it made me scratch my head and wonder…

After a long, years long (half a decade) break I came back, made a new alt to see how the new tutorial works, then proceeded to do the normal toon creation stuff, Social V, L5 Implants, buy up a year of play and stack the queue. Start running missions to get my standings up to 7. Or… Wait a second. WHY?

It used to be (for me at least) that 7.0 standings with a faction were needed to have jump clones, and then the L4 locator agent access came along the way. But now, (RIP Estel Arador Services, you were the FUNNEST corp to Wardec!) CCP “accidentally” (read didn’t want to upset Estel Arador and the likes) opened free jump clones almost anywhere for anyone, free of standings requirements.

So this leaves me wondering. What do you need faction standings for anymore at all? Why even run missions anymore?

Am I missing something? (I HOPE so)


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Well, Faction standings are still specifically needed to access certain Agents such as Cosmos, Research and Factional Warfare Agents.

Also with high Faction standings there’s no need to grind Corporation standings to access high level Agents.

It also reduces Broker Fees in the Market as well.


CCP just invested quite a bit of effort updating the standings (interactions) tab on the character sheet. (part of next weeks patch) I expect standings will play a more important role with the highsec refresh coming in the winter expansion.

Precisely what changes are planned hasn’t been a topic of much speculation on the forums yet. I assume CSM will find out next week but the rest of us may need to wait until Eve Vegas!


They are something to do, and they make decent money.


I too am hoping they make standings useful for something again. I spent AGES getting perfect 10.0 Amarr empire and Caldari standings, they used to make me a very tidy profit doing corp standing boosts for new corps wanting highsec POS’s back in the day. Then CCP murdered that business. They have only made standings more and more pointless since then with every expansion.


Dont forget the new ships!

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Actually that’s true. They could do a line of ships for each race that give boosts depending on your standing to that faction. Now that they have shown it possible whilst tied to security statusfor the Concord ships. Interesting.


also you get free refine at any station you have 6.4 or higher rep with.

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New ships? You mean the Concord ships. They work on Security status not Faction standings.

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I forget exactly where I saw it, probably this past FanFest stream, but there was talk about Faction ships having increased ship stats when completely equipped with modules from the same Faction, also mentioned was having those stats increased even more based on player standing with that Faction.

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Getting 5.0+ faction standings, along with Social V and Diplomacy V, allows you to decline missions freely to get only the ones you want. So all those “Angel Extravaganzas” can just be flushed.

This works because,

  • You need 5.0 standings to access L4 agents, which you can get with Faction standings. However, it’s easy to keep faction standings above 5.0 since you only lose like 0.0016% for declining/canceling regular L4 missions, which is basically nothing.

  • With faction at 5.0, you only need to keep Corp and Agent standings above -2.0 (effective), or -5.0 unmodified with Diplomacy V. This is MUCH easier to do than trying to keep these above 5.0 since you gain more and lose less standings as they get lower.

With that it is possible to do some pretty crazy stuff, like running almost only Anomic missions (which are way more lucrative and fast vs. regular L4s).


DeMichael Crimson

I forget exactly where I saw it, probably this past FanFest stream, but there was talk about >Faction ships having increased ship stats when completely equipped with modules from the >same Faction, also mentioned was having those stats increased even more based on player >standing with that Faction.

I hadn’t heard of this. Is this an upcoming thing?

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Definitely not an upcoming thing, just some ideas they were tossing around.

Remember… It’s not all about good standings but also the consequence of negative standings. Run too many missions against Caldari and then you have faction police chase you around Jita. Not a huge pain but still, it adds a consequence to your actions.

I’m still trying to fix Gal and Min standing from when I was but a newbie pilot serving my Caldari masters. I had to train diplomacy to 5 long ago.


‘The Plan’ can help fix that problem.

I fixed my gal/min standings by running SoE missions, sounds like that’s the way you are doing it too.

seems like it’s not too hard to balance them out if you swap where you mission run every so often.

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I worked a long time to get a char to 5.0+ standings with all the major factions even thought it was mostly pointless by the time I achieved it.

CCP needs to relearn that having goals is a catalyst to getting people to stay in the game. Especially since SP injections short-cuts the main goal.


The alternative is to simple decline any mission that makes you fight any empire faction. This can be a pain at times, especially as there is one mission against Gal where if you decline, you get an anti-Minmitar next. Still, some areas have multiple agents do you can always switch to a different agent temporarily if you get stuck with a 4 hour wait and still wish to play.

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That would be something, better stats for better standings, except that in that case my pirate webs / scrams would probably go into negative on this character :smiley: