Anyone know the forumla these days for the R&D Agents Research Points?

Per title. I tried following one post on here as well as the old one on Eve University, but I don’t think it’s completely correct. I know rep with the agent and skill level of the specific specialty count, but it also mention Negotiation as being a driver. Even after training Negotiation up a few levels, I don’t see any changes to the amount of RP I’m getting after a few levels of Negotiation training.


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Far as I know its just rep with the corporation that you want to do research for. That is so you can get the level 4 agents. Skill in the science that you intend to be researching at level 5 gives the most daily research points. If you want to boost your output the best way is to just run those missions they offer daily. That used to double the amount of research points you get daily.

Its kind of an abandoned feature and hasnt been touched by devs in more then a decade but it still functions. I just run it passively and pick up from the agents about once a year for some fat loot.


I thought i read someplace that the agent must be interacted with before skill training level changes take effect. I could be wrong but worth a trip to check out.

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Grimm has it right. Anytime you make a skill change (Science xxx, Negotiation) or even when your corp standings change you should revisit the agent for it to consider and update the changes.

As above, you have to visit the research agent. Make sure to collect any datacores BEFORE stopping research! You can restart research at the new faster rate.

Also note that reputation is a finicky thing: rep changes don’t always take immediate effect, and often require one to logout & login again to register the change.

Also be aware that agents standing is not the same as corp standing, and if you ever lose standing with an agent to the point where the agent will no longer talk to you, there is NO WAY to regain use of that agent!

So if you accept a mission from an agent (it is okay to decline the mission, once every 4 hours per agent) make sure you complete it! I usually pickup my datacores in a blockade runner (for speed, and security while cloaked) hauling some tritanium for the most common mission.

I only collect my datacores every few years … or longer.

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I disagree. If they fleet up with someone who can run with the agent, they can get their standings fixed.

We’ve done it several times at the United Standings Improvement Agency.


Thanks for replying here. Very helpful advice. I’ve experimented with this the past few days and confirmed a few things others can maybe use for the future.

  • I get within a couple of RP across 3 characters with different combinations of the variables using the equation on Eve University (I suspect one of the constants is not quite a whole number so its off a tick):

  • Thank you for the idea that we need to visit the agent after making a change. I found out you don’t even do that. You can go the research window in industry, double click on the agent, click info, and then exit out of the window. When you go back to the window you will see the duplicated lines with both the old and new RP/day info. I did this one at a time and got each to update. So thats a big timesaver.

  • Also interesting: I have one character using an agent called Eindolf Fer. I have no training on Electromagnetic Physics BUT I do have the skillbook injected. I am still getting 20 points a day only the skillbook injected, no training.

Again, thanks for setting me on the right track. Its really not a lot of work to train these up even if they aren’t expensive. I like to build the things I use with as much as I can supply myself when possible.


Great tip. Thanks for sharing!

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