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Im an old player returning, never knew you could play for free! Trying to get my head round things, and my question is about my daily research points.

I have 5 agents and was getting aprx 94 RP a day. I thought i would run a couple of daily missions which in the past would give you your daily RP as a reward. I just did this and got 21 RP and now when i look at my agent it has changed from 94 to 21 RP a day?

Is this a change in the game or the fact i am not using a paid accountanymore?


Alpha Clone state are 1-2 years old and as you probably have noticed there is a limited Skill Set of 5 million SPs with free training, extending to 20 million with the December expansion but you can only gain SP(s) past the 5m by buying Skill Injectors and injecting the SPs or going Omega.

As you have been Omega, those skills that you trained during that time and are in the Alpha Skill Set, are available to you. No skill points are lost but while Alpha all skills marked as Omega will be unavailable to you until such time you go Omega again.

The reason that your RP/day you get from your research agents are due to the limitations of Alpha Clone State, which is primarily focused on combat capabilities as it allows you to PvP, run Missions, do Exploration and now you can even run Incursions although only with meta 4 guns and defenses mostly.

hope this clears it up for you, if you want a complete list of the Alpha Clone State you can look here.

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Thanks for the reply!

Yes that clears it up. Just looked and my Pilot was created in 2003 and has 58 mil Skill Points.

I will take a look at the link you provided and see whats available to me.

Thanks again.

You keep all the skills you’ve trained, but only the white squares / levels in any skill are actually active. The yellow squares are Omega only, inactive while you’re in Alpha state. So if you look at the Science category in your character sheet, you’re operating at reduced levels in the skills related to research agents, and thus get fewer RP.

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