Research Agent Issue

I am having issues having an agent start research. Level 4 agent and I have science V, Mechanics V and Research Project Management IV. I have 7.8 standing with Galente and 5.94 standing with the agent’s Corp. Every time I select one of the items to research the agent says "You don’t have sufficient skill as a Research Project Manager to handle any more research projects. " Do I need to get this all the way to 5 before he will start? Everything I have read says nothing about needing it that high.

Is this your first research agent?

Yes. I had unallocated points sitting around that I kept putting into Research Project Management. Don’t feel like blowing them all to get it to 5 if I don’t have too.

The Research Project Management skill is just for adding more and more research agents. It might be that you need to train up the science skill you want him to work on for you.

I have the specific science skill at 3. I could try getting it to 4 and see if that works. Thanks.

For level 4 agents I am pretty sure 3 isn’t enough.

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That worked! Thanks.

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