Help with Data Core Research

Hey I am trying to begin research with a level 2 agent.

The agent has the following skills listed: Electromagnetic Physics 2, Minmatar Starship Engineering 2, Nuclear Physics 2, Hypemet Science 2.

I have all of the required skills I think except Hypemet Science. What the heck is that? I don’t even find it on my list of skills to buy or train?

You only do research of one type with each agent, in order to do different types you need multiple agents of each type or of the same type too. It is also very much worth getting L4 agents for these. They arent as lucrative as they used to be in the past and now cost isk to exchange iirc. I still have R&D agents going but havent collected it in years as its not worth that much anymore for me.

Thanks but I know what an R&D agent is and how to use them.

But trying to find out what the Hypemet Science is because I can’t find it as something I can even train

Its a not published skill from CCP so meaningless.

And its hypernet not hypemet, like the CCP raffle system for items.

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