Help with datacores and their R&D agents

I’ve searched online and I cannot find any reliable information in regards to which R&D agents, from which corporations, give out RP that gets which Datacores.

I’ve even resorted to searching NPC corps - info - agents - R&D and checking the info on each individual specific agent and still can’t figure out who or where you can get Graviton Physics datacores from?

Does anyone know of any reliable information sources that can point me in the right direction as far as agents/corporations go for specific datacores? Or more specifically, tell me which corporations agents i should be looking into for Graviton Physics and Electronic Engineering? Thanks.

You can use the Agent Finder tool in DOTLAN. One of the filters is for specific Research Agent fields.

Also, most datacores can be found in Faction Warfare LP stores.

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Thanks! ill check out the tool. I am also actively in FW but for the gallente. Which unfortunately doesn’t provide any of the datacores i am needing for my actitivies lol.

The DOTLAN search doesn’t work. No matter which options i put in it always comes up with 0 results =/ any other ideas anyone?

It works for me. Are you choosing any other filters aside from the R&P Skill filter? Is the Locator Agent box checked?

ohhh i found the problem. If you pick “R&D” under division it seems to always yeild 0 results. i left that field blank and searched specifically by the skill. That worked. Thanks!

Graviton physics and electronic engineering are available from Lai Dai Corporation. They have 6 level 4 research agents in highsec scattered around Lonetrek and Forge. You can still find them in game - though it isn’t as easy as it used to be.

They don’t have any storyline agents so it will take a bit longer to grind standing.

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