RP for research

How do you get RP to purchase data cores from a research agent?

This is a good summary:


Be cautioned- this can take some fairly extensive training to get rolling, so if you aren’t using those skills for other things (like industry), it is probably not worth it. Also, note that Corp standing will come into play with the agents you work with, so you will need to consider that. Lastly, if you are working on these for research, be aware that the different agents with different skills can be fairly spread out, so some travel will be involved here.


Plus, most Datacores come from Faction Warfare these days. R&D agents only generate a minuscule amount of RP per day.

I think I have 26 or so L4 research agents going. I haven’t checked any out since 2012, and probably never will.

Don’t go down that path now mate.

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