Datacore farming - is it worth it?

As I see, there was a boom for datacore farming few years ago. Does it mean that now it’s not so profitable? Is it worth for me to invest my time into research and building relations with R&D Agents? I don’t need absolute maximum ISK generated, but decent profit would be nice to see.

I’m not 100% sure but Faction Warfare loyalty points can be spent on data cores and from what I know it’s a major supply that drove the prices down. Year ago I read r&d can net 100 to 200mil isk in data cores but it would be the best for someone to confirm.

Well, its 100% profit. It’s not like it costs you any recurring fees to continue to rack up rnd points. You dont need standings from the agents either, just Corp. And its passive.

I’ve let mine simmer for a couple years then return and get it. It’s okay, not a lot of isk but it’s easy and simple.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try then.

If your characters are trained for invention - meaning you will be using the datacores you farm, it is well worth doing. There is an initial investment for the Research Project Management skill and the corporate standing but, after that, it’s passive income. I harvest once a year - it’s a few thousand datacores I don’t need to buy!

That’s exactly what I was thinking about. Maybe you’ll hear about Cook’s Prints someday!

Its definitely not worth it to spend all that time on training and building relationships with the lvl 4 agents just to get the data cores to sell. There are much better ways of earning isk. Oth, if you have already trained everything you want to train and you like grinding status for agents then it is passive income.

I was rather thinking about using those cores for Tech 2 or blueprints. Maybe the subject of the thread is misleading, sorry.

Well if you are going to do it for your own production chain - it can make a difference as margins are frequently very tight in t2 production. But it’s a very long train and grind, so if you like to equate time to isk, then it may be a long time until you see a return on your investment.

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