SOLD WTS Good Char, Quantum Core Farmer 6m

Quantum Core Farmer for sale.

Hi, i am selling this charater, have enough reputation to farm of Chemal Tech and get the Quantum cores required for the new Citadels in october 12. At the same time has enough reputation with Lai Dai, probably the best corporation for datacores Research,

Highlights :

  • Capable of use Occator / DST (can do Distrib IV missions for farm) in Ten hours
  • Capable of use good frigate V, asault frigate Minmatar and can be trained svipul (can do blitz Level 2 security missions for farm)
  • Capable of use Mining barge (can mine Level 3 missions for reputation)
  • Can use some locator agents
  • Already decent research and laboratory toon
  • Decent frigate toon
  • Decent DST, good resists hull / mechanics, etc
  • minmatar frigate V / assault frigate

This char can easily expand to be trader , solo orca miner, exhumer, PI, etc. Already in good place to be Sabre pilot, or Interceptor / Freighter, you decide

Can use already minmatar Assault frigates, can be morphed to be mission runner. Myself think the better is made him Svipul capable.

Reputations corp without connections
Chemal Tech | 4.3795 - 5.05 with connections - level IV
Lai Dai Corporation | 4.3620 5.04 with conections - level IV

His usefulness reside in he is capable of pay himself, and can do missions in mining, (mining barge) distribution DST, or level 2/3 in rupture / wolf frigate / svipul.

Is in highsec, no Killrights, have positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

Because i dont want to do use that account, and myself unanchor my citadels, i am selling him. Offer decent and i sell.

I am not reading Eve mail, answer the thread and i sell.

Disclaimer, he caun use DST occator in 10 hours.

4 bill now

Accepted, send the isk and account nd i transfer.

Give 2 hours and you will have it. On the way home

K answer when do it.

Isk and account info sent

Target user not found or not active.

POlease check the account.

Sorry about that… check mail for the update

Transfer done, please answer when you receive the eve mail.

Transfer Confirmed


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