SOLD WTS Pretty female Mining Booster 11m

Hi, i go to leave the game for a time and selling some of my characters currently not in use, alreadly leave the corp

Mining Director V
Mining Foreman V
Interplanetary Consolidation V
Cybernetics V
Weapon Upgrades V
CPU Management V
Small Energy Turret V
Industrial Command Ships IV

Reputatrion 8.83 with corp ammatar consulate

Was an alpha last year, Was used mainly to do abyssals with punisher but have decent skills, cybernetic V

I am in JITA area, no killing rights, positive wallet i pay transfer , if interested answer here, not reading mail

3B offer

5b offer

@Diosa_roja if you can up to 5.2b is yours, i want purchase implants for other toon.

I am in work, but can check the thread. I return to house in 12 hours and can deliver then, but as i say, 5.2 and is yours, sent the isk and account name and i deliver as soon i can

I accept now I go to the game and pay isk

Thanks =) i update as soon i transfer. Thanks for the business

ISK and account have been sent

In home now, i gop to made the transfer in ten minutes or less.

Transfer Done, is in suroken system