Can I do anything after this mistake?

I wanted to get into data cores, my thought was I could get as many agents as I wanted, I read the wiki but missed the part where it says you can only have 5, got 100m worth of science skills spent the better part of the day running around to realize how ■■■■ data core farming is and you are maxed.
I know this is my fuckup but is there anything I can do? or do I just suck up the loss?

The skills are good for t2 manufacturing

all my datacores came from data sites. people still use the agents? o.O

I guess I’ll just suck it up, though in 7 years I’ve never needed them :confused:
I see why people don’t use Agents

have 5 lvl 4 research agents
save them for some years
jump 39 gates to get the cores
800 million estimated price
sell 1/3 and got severely undercutted

wayyyyy free money :smiley:


They used to be good before they nerfed them by flooding the market with datacores coming from other sources. Then the price crashed hard and has been down ever since. My agents are still accumulating them though lol.


The science skills were the most expensive set of books I invested in, both isk and sp wise. If you are not into inventions and building t2 stuff and just use them for datacore farming via agents, it’s going to take a long time before you get your investment back.

On the other hand, running the daily missions for the RnD agents also counts for the storylines. And some of those pay out very well. In fact the last one I ran (level 4 triggered) dropped over 100M worth of tags, in HiSec. Bottom line, indirectly you get your money back fast, if you follow through via other means.

those skills are good for t2 indy. or you can extract them

Datacore farming - EVE University Wiki

  • Research Project Management I - Each level gives you the ability to use another agent up to a maximum of six at level V.
    • Pre req: Laboratory Operation V
    • Pre req: Research V

Higher levels of encryption methods and science skills give you a better chance at invention.

if you havent stuck the skills in your characters head and still have the books, take them to the market and sell them unless you plan on inventing then learn them.

I don’t think these effect standing or add to story, unless I’m missing something.

They count for the 16 missions you need to do to get a storyline mission.
The dailies themselves count towards agent standing, which affects how much RP they generate per day (small effect), same as every other mission in the game affects agent standing and corp standing as a secondary effect.
The higher the level in the skill corresponding to the research the agent does for you, the more RP he generates per day,
etc etc etc

They did not do so originally, but that was changed some years ago. You get both agent standing and the storyline counter now.

I just looked at my standings, I’ve been using a R&D agent for a week, no standings have been effected.

Thats odd, I have just double checked in game to be sure and I have both Agent and Corp standing increases for the R&D guy I use.


Do I have to do somethin special?

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If you did his daily mission and have not received a standing update, or he does not offer a daily mission at all (no notification and no button on his convo page), file a support ticket.


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