Datacore farming

Can someone elaborate on datacore farming and their experiences and income of it?

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You mean farming FW LP? That’s where 95% of all datacores come from these days.

News to me. Speak it all. I know nothing about it.

Well, Research Point farming was mostly killed off when CCP introduced the data cores to FW LP stores many years ago. I don’t know much about the profits but I regularly move contracts with thousands of Data Cores from FW LP hubs.

I believe that you can buy datacores with the LP you get from running offensive and defensive plexes when you are a member of faction warfare. You can of cours euse R& D agents but that is a slow method, You can increase the number of points (therefore datacores) you can get by doing missions for them but I believe that to make it worth while yuo need to do Level 4 R&D agents and they seems very dispersed so involve a lot of travelling (as well as grinding the standings so yu can use them in the first place)


And even after lots of standing farming for R&D agents, you still only get to 1 datacore per day per agent with passive farming and an additional datacore for the mission.

I started 4 agents a long time ago and pick the things up once a year now. It didn’t take long to start and with nothing better to do, I’ll have to look into it again. I’m not sure how many low level agents there are, but it seems to be worth looking into more. It’s definitely a long term goal.

It seems like there’s really not a lot of isk in it…at least the RD I mean

it’s been a while since ive done it, but if @Zhalyd_Lyehin is correct then your going to get a max of 730 cores a YEAR, or nearer 365if you cannot be arsed with the additional mission toget extra rewards.

There’s no real isk in it. But for next to 0 effort, its still income. Consider it beer money that makes you take your Leopard out for a spin once a year!

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So that’s what happened to R&D agent datacore farming. Whaddaya know.

Yeah. Seems like total shite

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