Do Characters with High Standings / Research Agents Sell

Hi, I am growing my research alt for 6.0 standings with Lai Dai Corporation. Is there a need for maxed-out characters with appropriate research/research management skills?

You mean R&D? Nah it’s pretty much worthless

If you got 5 max level research agents going, you will get like 150mill per year or something

R&D is very much a passive income. Once you have your R&D agents in place producing max daily RP for specific data-core/s, I would branch out your toon into another discipline - mining, mission running etc, anything else that will bring in additional income along side your passive income. If your Alt is on a second account, it could support your main in some way. This is assuming you wish to do more with this Alt. If not leave it maxed out R&D, after all, its not your main and isk is isk. I have 5 agents and I visited them once a year, converted the RP into data-cores and sold at Jita.

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