R&D agents and skill level question

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This may be a dumb question, but. I have not kept up to date with all the aspects of this game, but i remember when i last did R&D agents if your skill level went up by one level (from say level 1 to 2, etc) you had to grab all the RP’s into datacores and then cancel the research and then restart it to gain the increased RP’s/day.

Is that still the case or does it auto-update as soon as you increase your skill level?

Thanks in advance.

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@gumble007 Yes, I believe you need to cancel any existing research first, but remember to spend any research points you have before cancelling the research. Once you cancel research with an R&D agent any research points gained are lost. I just upgraded from a level 2 R&D agent to a level 4 R&D agent. I bought out all the datacores I could first then cancelled the research.

Good luck!

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Not a dumb question at all :slight_smile:

Each R&D agent has a level. Once you get enough standing to do a higher level, you can choose to use a different agent to get the higher level research. The agent that you are currently using will not “level up”, you will need to find a new agent at the higher level. If you are already maxed on the number of R&D agents that you are doing, you will need to cancel research with them and then start it with a new one to “open a slot”.

Remember to buy your data cores from the old agent before you stop the research though.

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