Skill training delay on Research Project Management for Research jobs with R&D Agents

Even in the old Eve forums ( ) there is discussion of the fact that you can train a skill level of Research Project Management to no effect. The effect is delayed. Some say by a couple minutes, some say 20 minutes, but I am over 45 minutes and still can’t use a third R&D Agent. It gives me the message:
“You don’t have sufficient skill as a Research Project Manager to handle any more research projects.”

Am I missing something?
I tried re-docking the station. Maybe I should log off and back on.
Otherwise I just wasted 10,000 skillpoints and an hour scouring the internet for hope that this game isn’t straight up low-quality.

Additionally, I’m at level 3 of Scientific Networking, which says I should be able to start a Research job from 15 jumps away. But I can’t even start a job from 2 jumps away.

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