Research Agents Standing Mechanics

I would like for research agents not only to use the standing of the agent when scoring RP, but also the standing of the agent’s corp. It’s very hard to get the agent’s personal standing up.

reach out to us. We can certainly help you with this

I think you didn’t understand the problem. You would need to complete research missions to raise your standing with a research agent. However, they only bring minimal standin growth. Again, the corp or fractions standing doesn’t count. Hence my suggestion with the adjustment :slight_smile:

dunno but my RP agents’ standings and corp standings increase in tandem with every mission I run for them.

That’s right, but only agent standing counts toward RP points. (not the corp standing)
In order to improve agent standing, you can only do research missions. You only get that once a day. And it only improves your staning minimally.
So it would be handy if corp or faction tanning counted as well. (just like everywhere else)

I guess this would make it too easy to farm the RP and infringe on one of FW’s biggest, most reliable rewards: data cores.

We are talking about 119 points per day if you have a standing of 2,5 and 126 points if you have a standing of 10. (calculated with lvl4 agents)

so you are talking about the bonus RP and not the RP you receive every single day. i see nothing in the wiki talking about agent standing in regards to the bonus RP,

but to access L4 agents you need to have the corp to 5.00

even if you never talked to that agent before.

Either corporation standing of of the required agent level (L1: -2.00, L2: 1.00, L3: 3.00, L4: 5.00) or faction standing of the required level and corporation standing of 2 below the required level. For example level 4 agent requires either 5.00 corporation standing or 5.00 faction standing and 3.00 corporation standing. This rule is there to prevent players from grinding up faction standings in order to start research with all of that faction’s agents

Completion of a mission will add one day’s worth of bonus Research Points to your account.

you need a 5.0 standing with the corp to be able to talk to the agent for the RP then only the standings with the agents count. Also the RP of the daily missions only change by the standing to the agents themselves.
feel free to calculate, here is the formula.

And as for the faction, there aren’t that many agents…

…and by the way, both types of RP are affected by Agent Standing. Those in the missions and also those you get per day.

You just need to have faction at 5.0 and corp at 3 or corp at 5. You get faction by storyline missions or doing soe arc or the epic arc.

How about just removing this stupid RP-farming and increase Datacore Drops from exploration. Really, this system does not anything of value to the game, nor is it an interesting mechanic.

I believe it is a necessary compensation instead of the T2 BPOs. A possibility to maintain the production in the long term without being dependent on chance. Getting rid of them would be even more unfair to players who don’t have T2 BPOs in my opinion.

That is my suggestion. This mechanic applies everywhere in the game except when calculating Research Agent RPs.

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