Multi build / Research and Building / Research Queue

Not too sure it is the right place but I’ll give it a try.

I’ve been almost my entire eve live (12years) an industrialist and researcher and although I really think they have been terrific improvement in that area since then, I do believe there are still some gaps that could improve the capsuler experiences.

Multi build / Research
In the same mindset as the multi buy / sell I’d love to see similar tools appearing on the industry screen enabling capsuler to launch multiple jobs at once provided material are available.

Building and Research Queue
I believe that any industrialist seeks for efficiency and especially while building / researching / inventing small stuff it is not always easy to sync real life with eve. I can’t log in every hour to launch new jobs. Therefor I wish they would be a way to have a new skill allowing to queue the jobs similar to the skill queue.

Let me know what you think.

Queue invention jobs? Just run invention jobs on multiple run BPC or do you reach the BPC run limit within one hour? I time all my job length to be just less than 24h. If one invention run takes an hour, I would queue 23 on a 23-run BPC for example.

I’m aware that BPCs have run limits, so you may not be able to run 24h jobs.

A look at the MER will show that we are building stuff a lot faster than we’re blowing it up. We don’t need improved efficiency for research or production - if anything CCP should make it less efficient to reduce the overproduction.

Fair enough didn’t thought that far for the invention. My thoughts were more oriented T2 production since ur usually limited to 10 run by default. eg T2 light drones takes about 1 to 2 hours depending of skills, factory blabla…so if you have 1000 BPCs such feature would become handy. At least I think

I get your point and do agree with it. but I was not thinking about more productivity but more efficient production. in other word I don’t want empty production slots. In exchange of such feature I would perfectly be ok with improving production time.

I dont think that this is needed. What would help would be notification entries for research and industry so i get notified whenever something has finished and simulating a BPO/C showing if the materials required are available on station.

I see now what you mean. Indeed the small stuff has short completion time. Just find other things to build (medium, large, capital), which utilize slots better.

We used to be able to queue jobs. Problem then was finding a facility where the queue wasn’t already months long. CCP gave us infinite slots in Crius which eliminated the need for queues - you can simply submit as many jobs as your skills support at any facility.

One account with 3 characters can have 33 active production and 33 active research/copy/invention jobs - not to mention 18 PI colonies. I generally submit jobs in the morning before I go to work and a second batch in the evening before bed. My market character puts the finished goods on the market in the evening and adjusts prices in the morning. This account easily earns enough to PLEX the subscription.

I build T2 drones and modules which take anywhere from 2 to 10 hours. I also make Capital BPC kits which take a week to copy the hull prints. I pad my margins by harvesting my own PI and building advanced components. Once all characters are fully trained for the jobs you want them to do, you can use the subscription queue for skill farming.

It’s efficient, effective and can be scaled to multiple accounts depending on the amount of time you want to spend in New Eden.

Lol yes this could be one way unfortunately it seems that you do more profit with small stuff :rofl:

Yes I recall that frustrating time but this is not really the one I had in mind :wink:

Well that is also something I already do

See that’s my true problem with a 3 year old and a 2 month old kid I’m glad I can log in every two days :grin:

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