Time to increase copy job limit?

With the changes a few years ago wherein T1 production now requires reactions and extra materials, I think it is time CCP considers increasing the max number of copy jobs capsuleers can run at one time.

Of course it’d be great to have more research and invention slots as well, but mainly my concern is copy work. Of course this is personally motivated.

Example: Used to be, I could run a BPC set for an Orca and a Freighter at the same time. Now, with all the new stuff required to build these items I need to run quite a few more BPO copies and I do not have enough slots, to keep the labs moving efficiently if you will. I have to stagger or alternate and its just not really fun like this (in my opinion of course).

TL;DR- CCP, please consider increasing copy job capacity (and possibly invention, TE and ME capacity) in light of the increased complexity to build items.

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Offload the extra jobs to an alt

Few hulls isn’t whole T1 production. Ships itself isn’t whole T1 production. Get a friend or alt. Whole idea behind those changes was to add that extra “challenge”.

In my opinion Not so much extra challenge as it is a way to throttle production.

We produce way more goods than are consumed. Just take a look at the April MER. New components slows down the rate of production, less product on the market should result in a higher price from reduced supply.
Ideally your profit should stay about the same.

It also creates the possibility of allowing newer or smaller industrialists to enter the market manufacturing these new components.

Purchasing them would allow you to continue to work flow as you did before.

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