BPC delivery Failure - PLS Fix

so i did a max copies run on a bpo for ammo and its for 8000+ copies but there is not enough space in my station hanger even when empty…there is also no way to cancel this as it is ready for delivery…how do i get this job gone…taking up one slot on my Que…grrrrr

By requesting customer support to deliver it for you. Send a petition in the help center and ask them to fix it.

@PsYkLoPp_Attor Item Hangar only supports a maximum of 1000 items. Having started a Copying job to get 8000+ BPCs, you would be unable to deliver because Item Hangar does not support that amount of items.

There are ways to increase the total amount of items that you can have stored within the Item Hangar, this is by utilizing Containers which also “only” support 1000 items (if not reaching its volume cap). If you utilize containers you can essentially have (1000 x 1000) 1 million items. Better to keep this in mind when starting Industry jobs, especially copying jobs.


TBF, the industry window probably shouldnt let you make more than 1k copies to begin with. It’s an oversight that could have been easily caught.

@PsYkLoPp_Attor in the future, you shouldnt be making that many copies of anything. You should be doing max jobs on the copy run. You know, X runs per 1 copy? I wouldnt be surprised if you did 1 run for X copies.

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All i want is to be able to cancel or delete the job but no options there once ready for delivery.

It’s nice that the UI lets you do things that the UI and code of EVE cannot support. :facepalm:

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