Can someone help ! storage problems?

hi there guys i was wondering if somebody could shine some light on an issue im having…
ive made 2 large blueprint runs and now they wont deliver?? says “not enough shelf space” that theres already too many items, but in actual fact the only item i have in the station is my ship?? WTF??! please guys any help will be greatly appreciated

Where do you have set in your Deliver To drop down in the industry screen?

Your hangar can only have 1000 item stacks in it. If you have more, your options are:

  • Organise stuff in station containers, each which can contain 1000 item stacks and/or a maximum amount of m3
  • Repair, repackage and restack a lot of items (so that instead of 500 stacks of 1 item, each in various amounts of disrepair, you now have 1 stack of 500 items… which counts as one item stack.)
  • Reprocess a lot of junk, instead of 500 different items, you now have a couple of stacks of minerals.

its set for “item hangar” but its the only option?
how can i reslove this?
not very clued up on everything yet haha

If the blueprint(s) were in a container that’s probably where the job is trying to deliver. Repackage the container or move it to your ship cargo hold and it should then deliver to your item hangar.

How many copies did you make?

Try delivering one job. Then moving the items to a container. Then deliver the 2nd job.

Its possible many copies have been made instead of runs per copy.

2250 ??
I have bought a station warehouse container will this help?
my current ship doesnt have enough room for the container to move it to the station it is required at… if this will help what ship can i buy to transport?

Over 2000 copies? Is that per job? Remember that each copy is treated as 1 item and cannot be stacked.

Ok, your inventory has a limit of about 1000 items. Unless you spread your job up into small enough groups to deliver batches that are less than 1000 items at a time, you are out of luck. Either cancel the job or file a stuck petition for help. Also file a big report because this is a bug.

If you can deliver less than 1000 items at a time (say 1 job at a time which only produces 500 copies), then deliver a job, move the copies into a container, repeat.

As for ships and containers, you picked too big of a container. BPCs take up minimal space. A storage container (not station) should be enough. Invest in your racial hauling ship to move stuff.

Not sure about job delivery but I assume it to be the same. I copy monthly branches of single run BPCs for my giveaways of ships and varioust ammo types which result in 300+ up to 700+ copies each month, single month copy jobs (the maximum time a run can be).

I am an Alpha user so use dozens of alts for this purpose (as well as other uses) to complete these copy jobs. I contract the end results to my main and accept the contracts there. I was curious so tested last time and was able to accept more than a thousand BPCs through the contracts so your main storage bay should be able to have more than a thousand items but that is the only one that can do it no container or ship cargo bay can store more than a thousand items. Not sure if there is an upper limit but surely the main station storage can store more than a 1000 items at least temporarily (at the least by accepting items from contracts).

As for ships cargo bays and containers, each can hold up to 1K items (item stacks so 1000 Iron Charge M counts as a single stack but 100 BPCs count as 100 stacks), thus if you want to transport more BPCs then you have to divide them by placing 1000 in one container and the rest in another and each 1K should be placed in a separate container either in your ship cargo bay or in your station cargo hold. So the same applies to storing them in station or transporting them in your ship. The smallest and cheapest container is the small standard container.

Also important to note that a contract can only have up to 500 items BUT you can contract up to 500 containers as well thus 500x1000 thus 500K items (item stacks) per contract.

how is it possible to split it up?
ive had a look its 2250 blueprint copies at 1 run a copy??

Then you need to file a stuck petition and get help from a GM. There will be no way to deliver that job.

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