The 1k items cap

Wouldn’t it be neat to have a one per character station vault where you can put more than 1k items at once.

Maybe make so you can extract from it once every arbitrary number of minutes and up to an arbitrary number of items at once.

Use station containers. Get like a t1 industrial and fit it for cargo hold and transport station cans where you need them. unpackaged they’re like 10km3 and my t1 industrial can hold 3 of them at a time. Just name them appropriately and keep your items organized.

Edit: Never use the t1 cargo hold expanded industrial to transport goods to the market though as their ehp will be easy for a single grouping of 1400s to break.


“1K ought to be enough for anybody”


Yeah… my cans upon cans of BPCs from way back yonder laugh in mass production

That makes no sense, either raise the cap or don’t.

I know, right?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I have no knowledge of the technicalities behind having the item cap.

Because the lag we normally experience when dealing with big numbers of items at once I assume it’ll be less strain on the server to put a hard cap on how many stacks you can extract at once. Hence the maybe at the beginning of the sentence.

What’s in ‘The Dead’ ? You got a zombie apocalypse going on at your station ?

Victims of space violence.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Emergency food supply. Don’t forget the Soylent Green flavored Quafe to wash it down.


I find it very unlikely that anyone has ever hit the one thousand item cap.

Would be nice if the cap was moved up by a bit or two, even a byte. Going from 1024 to 32768 would help out substantially.

It’s quite easy to do, though tieracide has helped a lot to cut back on it.

Especially once you get into manufacturing, or loot a few dozen amar ships with used crystals or otherwise non-packaged items.

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Do you know how many bytes it would take to encode all that date, just for the 1 or 2 players who exceed the already excessively high cap?

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People buy those things for a couple million on contracts.

Just sell them at jita

I have 250 items at one station…its amazing how quickly the junk builds up, especially all the stuff collected from ratting, usually filed under ’ I might need this one day '. I can see it quite easily getting over 1000.


That’s what the cans are for. Especially if you go into industry.

I think I have around 9 or 10 thousand different item types in that station I linked above consisting of billions of individual items.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Same problem here, stacks of stacks of cargo containers filled with copys. I want a 100k Item cap that would be nice.

It always amazes me how when somebody makes a suggestion be it IRL or on the Eve forums there’s this type of person who starts tutoring you for free on whatever authority you’re referring to’s behalf how things can’t happen for this and that reason. You are not CCP and not a dev (not on the acc you’re posting with). My question to the forums (read you) was whether there’s more guys who would like the idea or not. It’s then CCP’s job to tell us whether this is technically possible or not.

I am sure there are plenty of people who don’t reach the 1k cap, I am however one of those that do and often so. What you (or I) think on a personal basis in regards to the cap being lifted is pretty much meaningless. But if there is enough who would like it to be changed then why not?




use containers as suggested. Simple, easy, and doesn’t require time/money from ccp.