Hanger Item Limit

I’ve talked about this in the past, but this is becoming a bigger issue as CCP continues to add items into the game, eve now has unique items like Abyssal mods, crystals with damage cannot be repaired and cannot stack, BPCs cannot stack, and BPOs once researched cannot stack.

The item hanger needs to have its item limit increased from 1000 items. Please, CCP, devote some dev time to increasing hanger sizes.

I know I can use cans to organize my modules, I already do. But there are limitations to working with cans like the inability to contract individual items and that multi-fit doesn’t pull items from cans.


Are your actively using all 1,000 separate item stacks constantly?

If so, you’re doing something incredibly wrong and would probably be in the extremely tiny minority of players who ever do that.

If not, then throw the stuff you don’t use into cans. You’re not gonna be throwing around contracts of 500 items around all the time anyway, so it’s not like you need to worry about it.

Organize your junk better.

That item limit includes fitted ships. Running the alliances industry and prepping all their fleet comps, all their caps, etc and I spend way too much time moving items between cans.

As for cans, I’ve got

  • Abyssal Mods
  • Ammo
  • Used Crystals
  • Capital mods
  • Citadel mods
  • Drones
  • Drugs
  • Faction Mods
  • Implants
  • Industry items
  • Loot to sell
  • Rigs
  • Ship Hulls (1 can for each race)
  • Skill Books
  • Subsystems
  • Useless can

But let me organize that even more, why don’t I. Just because you don’t have a lot of items doesn’t mean it isn’t a part of the game that needs to be looked at. And as I said, there are limitations to cans that aren’t just contracts.

There are enough mods added to the game that CCP can increase the item limit from when they first released the game.

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I bet it has something to do with integers .

im bryg i buy everything then complain when i dont have anywere to put it. hertiderti deeerrrrr

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