Creation of vast junk/commodities/corpses treasury

Forgive me oh honorable capsuleers (and those less bound by honor and compassion) but i will post here. I came here with a dream, to create vast treasury of in game corpses commodities and vast archive of useless BPC’s from daily login etc. As such i’d like to ask you all, if you plan on disposing (thrashing) of such items , do not delate them, if you decide to be so kind i’ll humbly accept them into my treasury.

Maybe you have proposition for new kind of collection/archive/treasury? Speak up freely i shall consider it.
Contsntes so far :
Corpses collected 621 (+19DED frozen corpses)
Drones rescued 92
Useless BPC’s from daily login -117
Commodities mainly bunch of coal around 260

Fly safe capsuleers may Blessing of Kur be with you.

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Collect screenshots of salty miners.

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As you build your collection, keep in mind that any given inventory space (station/structure hangars, ship cargo bays, containers, etc.) can only hold 1000 unique stacks if objects, even if the container has more m3 in space available. It may take come clever arrangement of containers (including lots if large-cargo-volume ships docked in the same place, holding lots of containers) to successfully host your library. EVE has an exception number of potential item stacks due to each player having unique corpses - it’s why the Molea monument cannot hold corpses itself, as it would be filled up quickly.


Thank you for this advice ^^

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How about the illegal stuff ? People throw away stuff like slaves etc at gates when they are stopped by poliece, those got mostly no uses, so kidna good thing for collection ^^ But it’s impossible to be everwhere to pick those up :frowning:

You have a loooong way to go to match my stuff pile, friend.

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Yes long journey awaits, but it’s the way itself that is ought to be fun ^^ So i have a lot of time to continue this endevour xd

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I like to collect isk and do nothing with it :confused:

I’m not far behind

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Sir, this is beautiful. ^^, I keep corpses of my corp members (those who left us as well) in separate can called Reliquary XD

:eyes: pls no touch my corpse

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If only i would have your’s sir or corpse of any of ISD it would be among one of most treasured ones, also i hesitate to even say it but corpse of Venerable Mike Azariah would be something extremely rare XD.
ps. now i’m at 691 corpses XD (dont remember ammount of other stuff othar than 29 civ hobgoblins found in space and 7266slaves)

I mean, its a start, i have 2100 in jita myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh my, you’re clearly superior

Nope, just been here longer, you’ll catch up eventually :slight_smile:

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